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Goodbye Ryerson, Hello SkillsCamp — The Jump to Entrepreneurship

I am leaving my meaningful, well-paying, fun, job at Ryerson University to go to my business, SkillsCamp, full-time. For some of you, this is old news. For some, it’s unsurprising new. But, it's...

How Twitter Got Me A Job at CBC

Through my company, SkillsCamp, I often teach people about personal branding and other life skills. The following is a short, personal, and true story I share about the tangible power of a...

7 Things I Learned From My First Business: A Booming Freezie Wagon

When I was 8-years-old, I had my first summer job as an entrepreneur. I ran a business with my younger sister in a suburb of Brampton, Ontario.

Why I Started A School For Soft Skills

In March of 2015, about a year ago, a colleague of mine, Hamza Khan, and I stood at the front of a classroom in George Brown College’s beautiful waterfront campus. We were delivering a “Community &...

I Don’t Want One Mentor

Recently a few professional colleagues I respect have told me I should get a mentor. They don’t think I need someone to set me on the right path or anything, but think I would benefit from having...


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