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Social Comparison
By Young Women
On Instagram

A qualitative, interview-based, master’s thesis concerning how young women affectively experience social comparison offline and online, and especially on Instagram.

Publications Contributed To

Young People
And Social Media:
Contemporary Children's Digital Culture

Edited by Dr. Steve Gennaro & Blair Miller | 2021

Bailey wrote Chapter 7: "Living Their Best Life: Instagram, SocialComparison and Young Women". This edited collection explores Children Youth and Digital Culture – in particular the practices, relationships, consequences, benefits, and outcomes of children’s experiences with, on, and through social media – by bringing together a vast array of different ideas about childhood and children’s lives. These ideas here are drawn from scholars working in a variety of different and often seemingly disparate disciplines, and more than just describing the social construction of childhood or an understanding of children’s lives, this collection seeks to encapsulate not only how children exist on social media but also how their physical lives are impacted by their presence on social media.

Digital Vegan

By Dr. Andy Farnell | 2020

“Digital Vegan”, covers issues of technological addiction, abuse and societal threats to civic digital security.



Playing With ‘Memoir’ | Week 1 Creative Non-Fiction Class

I recently joined a 6-week “Creative Non-Fiction” class with Gotham Writers in NYC. I love learning and I‘ve wanted to get back into writing. This class seems like the best of both worlds and a...

“Brigitte’s Garden: Liberating Our Minds By Liberating Our Identities” | ESSAY

**Download the PDF version of this essay by clicking here.“Belief, like fear or love, is a force to be understood as we understand the theory of relativity and principles of uncertainty.

Grief and Loss
June 15, 2022

Grief is the price we pay for love.

My Mom passed away one year ago yesterday. I’ve learned a lot about grief in this last year. A year ago, I felt like I lost any innocence I had when we watched my Mum leave this realm.


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