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Bailey Parnell is a successful entrepreneur with a keen focus on social enterprises that do well by doing good. For her work and leadership, Bailey has been recognized by various outlets and organizations.
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SkillsCamp is a soft skills training company that works with businesses and educational institutions to help their staff and students develop the essential skills needed for personal and professional success. Across all industries, employers and industry leaders are identifying soft skills like communication, teamwork, time management, emotional intelligence, and leadership as critical skills for job hunters and employees alike.
Yet, these core skills and several others are relatively absent in the traditional education model. The result is students who become employees without the requisite abilities to excel in their careers. SkillsCamp teaches this “missing curriculum” to help people become more employable and more effective leaders and contributors. SkillsCamp offers live in-person and online programming, custom content, and a just-in-time online course portal.
Some of the skills taught at SkillsCamp include:
Active Listening
Burnout & Stress Management
Confident & Concise Communication
Emotional Intelligence
Intergenerational Communication & Understanding
Personal Branding
Productivity & Time Management
and many more...
My Non-Profit


#SafeSocial was built on the success of Bailey’s work and research into social media’s impact on mental health. #SafeSocial is a socially-minded organization that helps people gain the benefits of social media with less risk. They investigate social media’s impact on mental health and create solutions to help people be well before, during, and after social media use.
Beginning with Bailey’s signature 5 Steps Towards #SafeSocial, they offer resources, strategies, keynotes, and workshops, with courses and books coming soon. If abstinence, without consequence, is not an option, how do you practice #SafeSocial?
Some of the resources developed at #SafeSocial include:
Lesson plans for educators and parents
Parent guides to having “the talk” about
Free downloadable activities to build the
soft  skills needed
Assessments on your social media
addiction and role modelling
Resources of all kinds
Awards & Accomplishments
Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women, Honoree
Women's Executive Network (WXN)
Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Bronze
Stevie Awards for International Women in Business
Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Top 3
Toronto Board of Trade
Marketer of the Year: Non-Profit
Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals
Gold,  Best PR/Marketing/Communications Initiative: #RoadToRyerson
Prix D'Excellence Awards, Canadian Council for Advancement of Education
Best Community Driven Use of Social Media: #RoadToRyerson
EduStyle Awards
Dennis Mock Award
Ryerson University
Recognizes graduating students who have made outstanding voluntary extracurricular contributions to their School or academic program
department, or to Ryerson as a whole.
Delvinia Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award
Ryerson University & Delvinia
Krista Maeots Award
RTA School of Media & Ryerson University
Best Student Work in Social Media
Social Media Awards via Social Media Camp
Celebrates the best social media strategy, creativity, innovation & results from across North America. This category awards student work.
Glenn Sarty Memorial Award
RTA School of Media & Ryerson University
Best Community Driven Use of Social Media
EduStyle Awards

Rho Alpha Kappa Alumni Association Bursary
RTA School of Media & Ryerson University

First Generation Bursary
Tri-Mentoring & Ryerson University
For being the first generation in your family to attend a Canadian University and for your academic standing and demonstrated financial need.
It is through my work that I aim to make this world a better, more equitable, more empowering place for all. But because not everyone can afford those programs, philanthropy is the next natural step.
- B
Currently Bailey is Involved With...

Philanthropy &
Volunteer Work

It is not enough to just become successful. We must use
our skills and knowledge to empower communities in need.
Activator (Funder) & Facilitator – SheEO
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SheEO is a global community of radically generous women transforming the way we fund, support, and celebrate women-led ventures working on the World’s To Do List. Since launching in 2015, 4000 women Activators in four countries have collectively loaned out $4M to support 53 women-led Ventures. Our goal is to reach 1M women Activators and a $1B perpetual fund which will support 10,000 women-led Ventures each year for generations to come. Are you IN?

Bailey gives money, time, facilitation. connections, and each year helps other women-led businesses flourish.


For speaking, media, or a quick chat, reach out to Bailey today.

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