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Bailey Parnell is a public speaker, media personality, and the Founder & CEO of SkillsCamp Soft Skills Training and #SafeSocial where she teaches people about social media's impact on mental health. 

Through speaking, teaching, media, and writing, Bailey shares her research and knowledge worldwide. To learn some fast facts, fun facts, and her story, click below.
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SkillsCamp is a soft skills training company where Bailey helps organizations build the soft skills they need for success - skills like emotional intelligence, stress management, and more.
At #SafeSocial, she teaches people about social media’s effect on mental health and what they can do about it. Beyond these, the causes important to her are education reform, [womxn’s] access to education, and gender equity in business.
We just had an Empathy talk with Bailey Parnell, and it was INCREDIBLE and surpassed any expectations. Bailey is an incredible speaker, mentor, teacher, and trainer. 10/10 would do it again!
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Bailey has experience working with the media all over the world and in every medium. If you’re looking for someone to speak on social media, soft skills, women in business, or anything else you see here, reach out today! To see Bailey’s media appearances, click below.
"When we talk about the dark side of social media, we're really talking about the dark side of people. That dark side is what we need to work on."
Bailey Parnell

For speaking, media, or a quick chat, reach out to Bailey today.

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